Lien Resolution

ClaimLogix provides all services around Lien Resolution, including an in-house Negotiating Team, Hearing Representation, Expert Bill Review/Coding Expertise, and Expert Witness specifically within the Workers'; Compensation industry and in California. However, we have taken on work in other state jurisdictions similar to California's format on handling liens. For lien resolution services, we take the file all the way down the line to complete 100% closure of the file.

ClaimLogix Lien Resolution Reporting

Our reporting is a tracking report that tracks exposure in dollars, lien and other providers balances, negotiated amounts, fee schedule and total saved. The tracking reports are set up in the Client Portal for easy access and the ability to watch exposure diminish in a live scenario. We typically report monthly or quarterly but a Broker, Claims Professional, or Risk Manager has access to reporting at any time. We believe that the Return on Investment (ROI) is in seeing the numbers change, and seeing the exposure diminish thus making the employers total exposure diminish and seeing claims files close faster.

ClaimLogix Defense & Negotiation

Defense & Negotiation

ClaimLogix offers defense and negotiation expertise in how to handle critical documentation, negotiation, and defense strategy.

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ClaimLogix Expert Bill Review

Expert Witness

ClaimLogix manages the claim file all the way to the finish line. That means we are well equipped with the highest expertise to handle Lien Trials.

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ClaimLogix Bill Negotiation

Bill Review Coding Expertise

ClaimLogix applies bill review and bill review coding expertise on all liens/provider charges to identify the OMFS and fair value of those charges, prior to negotiating on those charges and balances.

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ClaimLogix Hearing Representation

Hearing Representation

Our Team is well equipped to manage bill review coding issues, and provides conference call support prior to the hearings to best manage outcomes including settlement authority, outstanding liens, and all required defenses, and exhibits.

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