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ClaimLogix provides Lien Resolution and Walk Through Services.  Our Executive Team brings over 50 years of experience specific to Workers' Compensation, Group Health, and Liability Insurance. With today's burden in managing claims, our goal is to help move litigated claims to complete closure. From the front end work of document management, to claim audits identifying fraudulent billing, to successfully negotiating abusive medical charges on the claim, ClaimLogix can expedite closures by becoming an extension of the claims handling process; to help completely close inventory of claims and improve outcomes.

Our consultants have been everywhere in the insurance space.

Our professional staff has done it all. From managing PPO networks, to PBM development, Litigation Management, Ancillary Services Management, Bill Review, Document Management, Copy Services, Claims Management, Education, and Training. You name it. We have been there and we have the experience to better understand your needs.

Are you ready for help you can trust with your insurance claims issues?

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